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Nov 12, 2012 6:00am EST
business news a business?" cnn was losing money. nobody was making money in the cable business at that time. is it a business and can we own it? there was real concern at that time that ted turner had cnn and headline news. we could buy f&n and turner could turn headline news into a business news channel. >> to compete. >> so it was great for me to see that. >> jack made the decision to do it. >> jack and bob basically said we believe in this, and then it didn't work for a lot of years. this was a great lesson to me. the cable business is really tough. if you can build a niche and get an audience to spend time with you, people still watch eight to ten minutes. it seems easy. we hung around with cnbc after that fnn acquisition we lost money for another four years. there was a moment that we went up to a presentation with welch, and we had lost so much money at cnbc and all of the nbc crew was against us. they were great guys fut people believed in cable at that time and the head of entertainment turned in one of the meetings and said for the amount of money we lose at cnbc every year we
Nov 5, 2012 6:00am EST
slightly ahead, most within the margin of error, including cnn today. they assume in those polls a bigger number of democrat also show up to the polls than most people think is likely because they are tending to use the sample from 2008, where yeah, democrats were up about plus eight in terms of turnout. in 2004, republicans were up about plus four. i think this year somewhere in between. if you look at the public polls and their methodology and sampling, they're oversampling democrating as compared to what everyone thinks is going to happen. we have the energy on our side this year which is different. second is it's just awful close. so even if you assume that more democrats are going to show up than republicans, at those kind of numbers, still these polls are within the margin of error. the rcp average is within the margin of error, which is their politics analysis. joe i think it will come down to the ground game. you're a guy. we're a purple state. we're not red and blue. >> i told my co-anchors it's not just ohio, it's not just cincinnati, it's not just hamilton county, it's m
Nov 6, 2012 6:00am EST
? i heard of a cnn poll that showed a tie. but then the dr, did you see it was 30% republican, 41% democrat, and it came out a tie. so they needed a plus 11 to get it a tie. does that mean anything? >> well, what the partisan identification balance turns out to be today is going to be one of the critical factors. this is another key disagreement with the two sides. democrats believe that when you look at the exit polls and see who showed up to vote, that there will be 4% or 5% who are democrats than republicans. in 2008, there were 8% more democrats. in 2004, when republicans had an especially strong turnout operation, it was level. >> do we know 2010? >> 2010 i believe had a slight democratic advantage. very slight. >> even though the drought come was so overwhelmingly -- >> well, we have strongly party voting, but not overwhelming. and it depends on the individual state. but republicans believe that the partisan identification balance today, romney campaign believes it will be about plus two for the democrats. >> independents, romney is way ahead in independents, isn't he? good
Nov 30, 2012 6:00am EST
myself to be totally unaware before i know jeff. i know he's going cnn. i don't know who this contents oig guy is. >> he's the guy that is between buchus and -- >> okay. i still consider myself to be a print reporter and you can see by looking at me. >> you mean you 23450edneed a w decide how you feel. >> at least a few hours. it is time right now however for the global markets report. kelly evans is standing by in london. another former ink stained. what have you been thinking about over the long term here? >> i've got a special one coming up for you guys. some comments from the french industry minister which i'll get to in a second. first i want to give you a sense of how markets are reacting to comments from mario draghi talking about the need for rebalancing. says the ecb can't solve the world's problems. stoxx 600 up about a tenth of a percent. so in the last trading session of the month, a pretty decent attitude. you mention what had's happening with the euro. above 1.30 briefly. now slightly below it. but i want to draw your attention to one stock in particular this mor
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4